affiliate marketing google trends 2021

In 2021, Affiliate Marketing has hit its all time peak interest, according to google trends.

People are more interested now in learning how to make money with affiliate marketing than ever before.

But where should you turn to learn the best, most up to date strategies for how to get started with affiliate marketing?

There have been thousands of training courses out there about affiliate marketing over the years, but many of them are a waste of your time.

Believe me…I’ve tried MANY of them.

But, some of them are legitimately amazing.

These are some of the best affiliate training courses, and each of them teaches a slightly different strategy for achieving online and (usually) passive income from affiliate marketing.

SEO Affiliate Marketing Courses

SEO has long been the go-to traffic method for affiliates, especially for beginners. 

Something about the “Free” nature of the traffic from Search Engines (not to mention the flexability and the ability to easy target “buyer” keywords) have made SEO one of the most searched and recommended methods to start your affiliate marketing career. 


SEO Affiliate Domination - Greg Jeffries

SEO Affiliate Domination is the affiliate training course released by Greg Jeffries. 

As suggested by the title, it focuses on teaching you how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a very specific way to create affiliate commissions. 

Check out the course here

The Best SEO Affiliate Training?

Best Free Affiliate Marketing Courses

Since affiliate marketing is so popular, there are literally thousands of different trainings, youtube videos, and courses all about it. 

But it’s tough to know which ones are worth your time, and which ones aren’t. 

I’ve been through many of them, and watched thousands of hours of videos, so I’ll share with you some of my favorite Free affiliate marketing courses. 

Affiliate Bootcamp - by Clickfunnels (Russel Brunson)

Why do I think this is the best FREE affiliate training out there? 

Simple: it literally covers just about every type of strategy that you could think of for promoting affiliate products.

Some of the best affiliates in the world cover complete, in-depth strategies they’ve used: 

– Facebook Ads Affiliate Marketing
– SEO Affiliate Marketing
– Youtube Affiliate Marketing
– Instagram & Influencer affiliate marketing

– Dozens of unique approaches & Strategies for different experience levels, investment levels, personality types, and business models.

Plus, I love the very creative premise: 

Russel Brunson and and Clickfunnels team asked their BEST affiliates (famed winners of the Clickfunnels “Dream Car” contest in which any affiliate who refers more than 100 paying customers to Clickfunnels gets a free car!)…

These experts were asked:

If you only had 100 days, and you had to start over from scratch (you can’t use your current resources, audience, lists, etc)…

How would you get to become a Dream Car winner again? 

Their responses teach you a lot about how to THINK like a successful affiliate marketer, not to mention literally spelling out step-by-step strategies.

Check out the course here

The Best SEO Affiliate Training?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham